Adult Dating – Analysis, Tips and Advice


I first started using conventional online dating back in the late 90s, when in fact most people would never admit to resorting to such a way of getting dates, meeting people etc. People who did so were branded as ‘desperate’ back in those days. Things are completely different now of course.

Personally I was never coy about using online dating as in fact I have always believed it to be far preferable to the so-called conventional methods – meeting in a bar, at work etc. This is because it actually allows both individuals to quietly appraise each other – something that’s not really possible at a loud club or pub.

Over the past 12 years or so everything has changed and very few people are reticent about using online dating sites. In fact there is now a multitude of specialist sites – Gay dating, Mature dating, Uniform dating (what’s all that about!), Sports dating, Fat dating, Fetish dating, Clown dating (!) etc and of course Adult Dating.

There are many online adult dating sites where people of all ages can sign in and browse thousands of sexy guys and women looking for a sexual encounter for the night or maybe something a bit more long-term. It’s easy to filter results by age and specific area and it covers most of the UK including the Channel Islands.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Adult Dating

Get the photo right! No matter how much women insist that a sense of humour is the most important thing it’s amazing how they prefer your sense of humour if you’re young and attractive! However, don’t put in one of you 20 years ago or simply cut a picture of Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz out of a magazine and retouch it. Just ensure that it’s a relatively recent and reasonably flattering photo and shows you at your best. And guys, it’s best not to just post photos of your private parts because on their own they do not turn women on.

Tell the truth (within reason)

Of course you should mention your good points etc but don’t lie about your age UNLESS you really can pass for 10 years younger than you really are.

The Date

I wouldn’t advise you to pre-arrange meeting for dinner, as if the person doesn’t come up to expectations you will be stuck with spending at least a couple of hours with them followed by a possibly hefty bill! Just arrange to meet for a drink at a bar or pub or maybe coffee. If things look good and you’re both hungry for not just food you can always move on to dinner and maybe more. Of course, the obvious safety advice, particularly for women, is to meet in a public place – do not go round to the other person’s house or flat and if possible let some one else know where you are.

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